Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank you, Spring Hill Nursery

Two weeks ago, we ordered a couple of grab bags from Spring Hill Nursery. The first grab bag arrived today and I am very pleased with it. The grab bag included the following healthy looking plants: 

1 Blue Festuca
1 Dicentra Burning Hearts
1 Mammoth Mum Bronze Daisy
3 Red Freedom Hedge Roses
4 Arizona Sun Gaillardias
4 Josee Reblooming Lilacs

We still need to decide where we will plant the roses, the mum, and the lilacs, but everything else has been planted to help make our garden beautiful.

The children are anxious to receive the Shade Perennials Grab Bag that we ordered. Theresa is hoping that it will include another Dicentra Burning Hearts.

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