Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fragrant Sunshine Wallflower (Erysimum Walfrasun)

Last year, we added Erysismum Walfrasun to one of our garden beds after purchasing it on clearance at Fred Meyer for $2.50. I thought that I had found a great location for it. However, when I saw the leaves remain green all winter and how large it was getting, I decided that I had a better location for the Wallflower. I decided that it would look better where everyone can see it. I really like the bright yellow flowers, as they contrast nicely with the red azaleas and roses, and the green grass. I also like the delicious scent of the flowers.

I would like to keep this plant in this location, but I think that, come fall or winter, I might need to plant it back in the ground or move the pot closer to the house. I have read that Fragrant Sunshine Wallflower does not like cold wet winters. Our winters aren't always cold, but they are usually wet.

Marian Name: Mary's flower

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