Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friar Plum (Semi-Dwarf)

In February 2008, we bought a Friar Plum tree from Costco. Each spring, it produces beautiful white blossoms, but we have not gotten any fruit from it yet. During the last two years, we constantly saw black ants with blossoms climbing down the tree. This year, as soon as Brendan saw ants ascending the tree, he applied some sort of tape around the base. The tape worked in preventing the ants from taking the flowers. Hopefully, we will have some plums this year. I am slightly skeptical as I have not seen very many bees.

The tree can be seen slightly in this photo to the right of the statue of Our Lady of Grace.

Description: Friar has black skin and amber flesh when fully mature. The fruit contains a small pitted freestone that is resistant to cracking. Good cross pollinization with Santa Rosa. Ripens midseason. Needs pollinizer.

Note to self: Take a photo of the plum tree in full bloom to add here.

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