Monday, May 23, 2011

Pink Peony (Paeonia 'Sarah Bernhardt')

Photo taken May 31, 2011
We added the 'Sarah Bernhardt' Peony to our collection of flowers last week. I planted it in Our Lady of Lourdes' garden bed next to some Daylilies and a Dwarf Lupine Minarette (started from seed). I am looking forward to seeing the first flower bloom.

Marian Name: Mary's Rose

Description: Hardy perennials with beautiful pink blooms in mid-spring. Full sun or shade, moist soil.

Height: 24"

Width: 24"

Hardy to Zone 3

Care: Water thorougly twice weekly in the growing season, or as needed, until established. Spray for diseases and insects as needed. Fertilize 1-3 times during the growing season.

Consult your local nursery professional for further advice and information.

Photo taken May 31, 2011

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