Saturday, May 07, 2011

Pink Weeping Cherry

Yesterday, we purchased a Pink Weeping Cherry (Prunus subhirtella) tree from Costco. It was the last tree and some of the leaves were turning brown, but hopefully it will thrive after receiving a little TLC. The tree replaces four fir trees that blew over in a big storm a few years ago.

Description: Flowering tree with light pink to rose-pink blooms. Highly ornamental tree prized for its graceful form. Crafted on a standard. Weeping branches display numerous light pink to rose-pink blossoms in spring. Outstanding choice near water features; ideal specimen tree.

Exposure: Thrives in full sun. In warm climate areas some full sun plants need protection from hot afternoon sun.

Average Mature Size: 25 ft. tall x 25 ft. wide

Watering: Water regularly first growing season. Water plant throughout the year. Don't let plant get too dry. (This shouldn't be too difficult in Western Washington.)

Hardiness: Cold Hardy - 20 to -10 F

I have ordered this double daffodil mix to plant around the base of the tree. I am toying with planting crocuses, snow glories and tulips underneath the tree too.  Maybe, I should have made the circle larger.

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