Sunday, June 10, 2007


The snapdragons are blooming. Our snapdragons planted themselves several years ago, or rather they mysteriously appeared one year. I really like them for their varied and bright colors. My children enjoy the flowers because they snap. My little ones can't help plucking the blooms and playing with them. Despite the fact that numerous flowers have been picked, an abundance of snapdragons remain.


Micki said...

Great post. I love snapdragons. As a child we had more fun popping them open and closed. I don't get enough sun to plant them. Yours are just beautiful.

Also, silly bird building a nest under the slide. They do tend to build in the craziest places don't they?

Christine said...

It was definitely a silly bird.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

What a beautiful gift! Those are such a pretty color. I've never seen that color before.

Christine said...

Thank you, Laura. I am amazed by the various colors that we get each year.