Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Our Lady's Garden is Blooming

We spent the weekend at the ocean and came back to some beautiful flowers in Our Lady's Garden. As we drove up, we noticed St. Mark's Plants (our lupines) were in full bloom.

St. Mark's Plant (Lupines)

Walking to our front door, we noticed one of Our Lady's Roses had produced a double blossom.

Our Lady's Rose (Red Rose)

In the back yard, we found that our Impatiens were flourishing.

Impatiens: Double Victorian Rose

Finally, Theresa noticed that our lilac-colored St. John's May Flower had decked itself out in all it's splendor for our return.

St. John's May Flower (Rhododendron)


Dawn said...

Beautiful flowers and gorgeous photos, Christine! Isn't this time of year just lovely? :)

Theresa said...

Wonderful! What a homecoming!

Rebecca said...

The lupines are gorgeous and your daughter is such a cutie!