Friday, April 21, 2006

My Pint-Sized Gardener

Here is a picture of our flower picker.


Rebecca said...

What a cutie! Thank you for posting the photos on your lovely new blog! I enjoy the Sharon Lovejoy books as well. The illustrations are gorgeous and her ideas are so creative.

Christine said...

Thank you and you're welcome. Sharon Lovejoy's book are wonderful.

JennGM said...

Your blog is wonderful! I love this pic especially! Where did you get such a great-sized rake for your little cutie?

Christine said...

Thank you.
I bought the rake at Target about two years ago. They often have good quality children's gardening tools in the spring and summer. I usually purchase the items when they have been reduced 50 to 75%.
I picked up an adult quality child's outdoor broom there about 4 years ago. Target currently has two metal children's wheelbarrows (online only), but I can't bring myself to pay that much, plus shipping and tax.

MaryBeth said...

He's so cute.